Added option for extra packet for card trainers

We have sized our card trainers to be about the size of a standard deck of cards. However after some experimentation and feedback we have added the option to add another packet for even more advanced cuts and moves, or if you simply want an extra card packet.

Also, the next seven orders will receive a random gift.

Our Card Trainers have officially launched! Grab your very own set of Lava/Sapphire

Our Card Trainers have officially launched! Grab your very own set of Lava/Sapphire

We're super excited to finally have our specially designed card trainers ready, check out the newest and fastest growing aspect of cardistry, card trainers. The best way to train and improve your hand dexterity and packet handling skills. And they look stunning, these transparent mirror finish card trainers are designed to be perfect with smooth treated sides to slide and lock into place making cuts effortless.

Card Trainers/Squids, our shipment is on the way!

We're excited to announce that our two first release card trainers/squids have shipped out and will be available to purchase soon.

We believe card trainers will become very important for upcoming cardists as they are an excellent way to practice anywhere without the risk of damaging your cards, getting them wet or losing them. These Acrylic based plastic card trainers will not break and you can wash them.

We have 2 designs coming, Sapphire our most requested Card trainer has a shiny sapphire like surface offering exceptional looks and handling, these blocks are not transparent.

We also have Lava which is...

First post

First post has launched! We are currently doing a ton of research and development as far as cardistry decks go, check out our fluid prototype Stripeswitch. 

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