New lower prices!

Greetings fellow cardists, now that we are more settled into the business we have been able to lower our prices even further.

We received some feedback stating our hybrid trainer decks were slightly too expensive, so we were able to lower them as low as $30!


In addition our base Lava and Sapphire trainer decks are now only $17, still with free shipping in the USA.



New video of cardistry trainers: Leon Rekers

What are card trainers? Do they work?

What are card trainers? Do they work?

What are trainer decks exactly? 

Card trainers are also known as trainer decks, squids, plastic card blocks, cardistry trainers, and so on. Our card trainers are made of acrylic and machine cut, to be precisely the same size as standard playing cards with the same curved corners. The only difference is thickness making them roughly the same size as a packet of 10-12 cards.

Practice your techniques worry free while your valuable cardistry decks stay safe from wear and tear. 

What do I call each "card"?

Well, we prefer the term Piece, pieces. Also Plate, plates. Packet, packets. Some...

New video of card trainers being used - Youtube

Added option for extra packet for card trainers

We have sized our card trainers to be about the size of a standard deck of cards. However after some experimentation and feedback we have added the option to add another packet for even more advanced cuts and moves, or if you simply want an extra card packet.

Also, the next seven orders will receive a random gift.



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