What are card trainers? Do they work?

What are trainer decks exactly? 

Card trainers are also known as trainer decks, squids, plastic card blocks, cardistry trainers, and so on. Our card trainers are made of acrylic and machine cut, to be precisely the same size as standard playing cards with the same curved corners. The only difference is thickness making them roughly the same size as a packet of 10-12 cards.

Practice your techniques worry free while your valuable cardistry decks stay safe from wear and tear. 

What do I call each "card"?

Well, we prefer the term Piece, pieces. Also Plate, plates. Packet, packets. Some people say blocks, slices, cards, squares, but really it's up to you.

How can card trainers make you a better cardist?

Card trainers allow you to do things you cannot do with cards (although with some trade-offs like not being able to bend them) and this can help you explore different moves with out having slippery cards fly out of your hands when you're learning a difficult cut. It also speeds up practice as picking up 1-6 packets is much faster than picking up 1-52 paper cards resulting in higher net "in hand" practice, specially for drilling new moves.

Many playing card decks useful for cardistry are highly valued, and can be quickly destroyed just by them coming into contact with too much moisture or falling on a corner and damaging the edges of the cards.

Using a deck of cards outside in the elements is highly risky unless you are extremely skilled. Even experts drop cards. 

Card Trainers fix this, they are nearly indestructible, and they are washable so they will always look pristine, even when micro-scratches from wear and tear appear they are invisible due to the translucent shine coating. 

Many public places don't allow gambling and frown upon any deck of cards, even if you're only practicing cardistry, in addition it can be annoying having bystanders approach you asking you to perform a magic trick.

Trainers bypass this completely. 

Displayed on your desk they look like art, impressive in anyone's hand and truly stunning in the hands of a skilled cardist and they just feel nice.

Although they are a step away from actual cards we are exploring every aspect of cardistry and want to expand the boundaries with out of the box thinking working close with the cardistry community, we want every cardist out there to eventually have their own card trainers to accelerate the art of cardistry.

Although designed after playing cards, they are very different and branch out into their own subculture of cardistry, some people prefer to only use trainer decks and we see this as a beautiful beginning for a new movement in the art.

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