Legacy plexdeck price drop: Sapphire and Lava going down to $15 and NEW hand-polished option

In preparation for the launch of Plexdeck Exotics (Ancient Stone, Ivory, Static, Dark Matter, Mahogany, Sunfury, Nebula, Goldenblue.) we are lowering the price of our legacy decks (Sapphire and Lava) down to only $15 still with free shipping! 

In addition we are also lowering the blue seal Sapphire riderback decks down to only $20 to clear out the last couple we have, these are limited and will never be sold again.  Rider back Lava Hybrids and Black Rider back hybrid decks are also being lowered down to only $25.

The Molten Bundle is also lowered down to just $30.


New Hand-polished option for all base decks. For just $15+ on regular price each piece will be hand-polished on every edge giving an even more improved handling feel and uniqueness to the deck. 


Stay tuned for Plexdeck Exotics release very very soon! They will release at $20.

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