New Goldenblue Mirrored decks received!

Due to popular demand we have a small limited stock of brand new Goldenblue mirrored decks. These have been some of our most popular sellers, purchase them here:


For a video of them in action check out:


Cheers and take care cardists!

Now accepting Amazon pay and Bitcoin! Reviews enabled!

We're finally accepting amazon pay in addition to Bitcoin, feel free to use your amazon account during checkout for speed and ease. If we currently don't support a payment method you wish to use please contact us.


International shipping rates have been reduced significantly.


We've also finally added the ability to leave reviews for all our products, cheers!

Plexdeck Exotics are available now - 8 new decks released.

Plexdeck Exotics are available now - 8 new decks released.

All 8 types are available now, Nebula, Dark Matter, Goldenblue, Sunfury, Static, Mahogany, Ivory, and Ancient Stone. All with their own different feel and handling. 

As many of you already know, exotics have been out now for a few weeks, we just wanted to announce it officially on the blog side of the website.


With each type of deck having different characteristics and unique features we created a little graphic to show and directly compare all 8 decks. 


Legacy plexdeck price drop: Sapphire and Lava going down to $15 and NEW hand-polished option

In preparation for the launch of Plexdeck Exotics (Ancient Stone, Ivory, Static, Dark Matter, Mahogany, Sunfury, Nebula, Goldenblue.) we are lowering the price of our legacy decks (Sapphire and Lava) down to only $15 still with free shipping! 

In addition we are also lowering the blue seal Sapphire riderback decks down to only $20 to clear out the last couple we have, these are limited and will never be sold again.  Rider back Lava Hybrids and Black Rider back hybrid decks are also being lowered down to only $25.

The Molten Bundle is also lowered down to just $30.



8 brand new Plexdeck designs are coming in very soon!

8 brand new Plexdeck designs are coming in very soon!

Dark Matter, Ancient Stone, Sunfury, Nebula, Mahogany, Static, Ivory, Goldenblue. Brand new special acrylic training decks. Get ready for the Exotic line of trainers, the most premium yet.

Coming soon.



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